Champion Parking: Exceptional Service Since 1949

Parking in New York City is notoriously difficult. Since 1949, Champion Parking has been making it easier for residents and visitors alike to find the parking they need in the city, whether they need to know where to park for Madison Square Garden or want to find long-term parking that is conveniently close to their work or home.

We’re committed to having the best team at work in our parking facilities, and we screen and train all staff members. Every Champion parking facility is monitored around the clock and our courteous staff members are always ready to provide assistance. We rely on technology to ensure our facilities are safe and secure and use state-of-the-art equipment to allow for easy payments and ticketing for all clients.

If you’re looking for a quick night on the town or long-term parking in NYC, choose Champion Parking for the service you deserve. Experience the benefits of our more than 50 years of experience in NYC parking. Call us at (212) 308-5959 to learn more.

Dos and Don'ts of Using Parking Garages

Most people don’t give much thought to how to actually use a parking garage, but there is more to it than simply pulling into the first spot you can find. In a place like NYC where parking is competitive, following some basic etiquette rules is even more important. Here is a look at some of the dos and don’ts of using parking garages to make the experience easier for everyone.

Do Drive in the Right Direction

The rules of the road still apply when it comes to parking garages, and that includes driving the right way in the lanes. Even if it’s just a quick turnaround for a spot, follow the directional arrows and keep your car moving in the right direction. The flow of traffic is different in every parking garage, and failing to follow the directional rules could lead to an accident.

Don’t Park Over the Lines

All it takes is one car parking outside the lines of their spot for a chain reaction of mis-parked cars to begin. When you park outside of the lines, and force other drivers to do the same, you can actually limit the amount of available spots in the garage. Pull into the middle of the spot, so that passengers can easily get in and out of the cars on either side of you.

Don’t Wait for Spots

Unless the garage is completely full, there’s no reason to wait while someone loads up their car and moves out of a spot you want. Even if that spot is closer to where you want to go and pulling away means that another driver will get it, it is almost always faster and less stressful to simply keep moving and park a little further away.

With assigned spots and onsite management, parking in a Champion Parking parking garage is always a stress-free experience. Contact us today at (212) 308-5959 to find out more about all of our short- and long-term parking in NYC.

The Milstein Division at the NYPL

One of the most unique places to visit in the New York Public Library is the Milstein Division. This part of the library has one of the largest collections of genealogical documents in the country, and it is open to the general public.

Watch this video to learn more about the documents in the Milstein Division at the NYPL. Most collections of this size require academic affiliation or society membership to access, but the Milstein Division welcomes anyone who wishes to use the documents to trace their histories.

With Champion Parking, visiting the Milstein Division and all of the sites of NYC is easier than ever, thanks to widely available discount parking. Our parking garages in NYC let you find the best place to park for short- and long-term stays. Stop by our website or call (212) 308-5959 for more information.

Guidelines for Visiting the United Nations Visitor Centre

Touring the United Nations is a memorable experience for students and adults, but there are special rules to ensure the safety of all staff and guests. Because the security process can take a long time, you can make the visit easier by reserving a parking space in advance. Here is what you need to know about the security rules for visiting the UN’s Visitor Centre.

Arrive at Least 60 Minutes in Advance

The process of being screened to visit the UN can be lengthy, so you should arrive at least 60 minutes before you tour. When you get there, go first to the Visitor Check-In Office, which is across the street from the main UN building. There, you will be required to present a photo ID before you can receive a security pass to enter the main building. Photo IDs must be issued by a government agency of a UN Member State or Observer State. After your photo ID has been checked, you can proceed across the street to the UN building.

Leave Prohibited Items at Home

You will undergo a security screening at the main UN building. If you have any prohibited items, you will not be allowed to enter the building. Weapons of any kind, including knives of any size, guns, replica guns, stun guns, and pepper spray, are not allowed. All foods and beverages and backpacks are also banned. You are not allowed to wear sunglasses or baseball caps on the tour.

Follow Rules While on the Tour

When you are on your tour of the building, meetings may be in session. All groups are required to stay silent during all parts of the tour. Tour groups are required to stay together. There are no bathrooms on the tour route, but facilities are available in the Visitor Centre.

Champion Parking offers multiple parking garages in NYC that are near the UN. Reserve a parking spot in advance so you’re ready to simply show up and enjoy your tour. Find out more about our parking garages across the city by calling (212) 308-5959.

The Whys and Hows of Back-In Parking

The way you park your vehicle determines how quick and easy it will be to get out of the parking lot, and many people take the time to back their cars in so they can simply pull out of the lot when they’re ready to leave. There’s a certain technique to this, and you also need to find the right space to park in. Keep reading and learn about the whys and hows of back-in parking.

Why It’s Helpful

If you’re a smart and confident driver, you can make life easier by taking advantage of your skills. If you find a parking space and have a lot of room to work with, it can be helpful to back into the space so it’s easy to get out later when the lot fills up. Otherwise you’ll have to back out of the space, and you might not have room to do it easily.

How to Do It

You won’t always find two empty parking spaces that you can drive through when you park. When you find an empty space, pull up so your rear bumper is in the front of it. Turn on your blinker, check your mirrors, and put your car in reverse. Turn the steering wheel to get into position as you back up, and then straighten out when you’re lined up.

Where to Park

You need to find a space to park, but this isn’t the easiest task when you live in a big city. Finding a parking spot in general can be difficult, so finding one that you can back into in a busy area is even tougher. If you live in NYC or you’re planning a visit, call a professional parking service so you can reserve your spot.

If you need any kind of help with parking in NYC, you can always call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959. We are public parking professionals who can make your daily commute much easier by saving you a spot. Visit our website and take a preview of our services.

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