How the Summer Sun Can Damage Your Car

The summer brings along a larger dose of vitamin D, but it also brings UV rays that can damage your car. It’s wise to be careful where you park and you should try to use parking garages during the summer. Watch this video clip on summer car damage.

When heat gets trapped in the interior of your car, it’s not just uncomfortable. It can also seriously damage the upholstery inside your car and even the paintjob on the outside of it. If you want to keep the inside of your vehicle comfortable and safe, use sunshades to block out the UV rays. You should also store your car in a garage or use a car cover.

The sun can hurt, but parking garages near NYC can help protect your car. That’s why you should call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959. View our website to see our map and learn about our long-term parking services.

The Beginner's Guide to Navigating a Parking Garage Safely

Some see parking garages as convenient places to leave their cars, while others are worried about their safety. If you’re not so city savvy, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to stay safe. Here is a quick look at the beginner’s guide to navigating a parking garage safely.

Use Your Horn for Safety

An obnoxious, blaring horn can be enough to get on anyone’s nerves, but there are practical uses for this steering wheel feature, too. When you’re driving around the parking garage, you can use your horn as you come up on corners where visibility is limited. Alternatively, if it looks like someone is trying to break into your car, you can hit the panic button on your keys to sound the alarms and scare the would-be criminal away.

Park Towards the Middle of an Aisle

It might be easier to find your car if it’s parked at the end of an aisle, but that’s not necessarily the safest bet. Cars towards the ends of the aisles may be more vulnerable to damage from vehicles that speed around the corners of the parking garage. You’ll want to navigate your car or truck to a spot that’s not near corners to avoid this type of accident.

Drive Slowly and Be Cautious

Part of being a driver is anticipating what other drivers on the road will do, but you should err on the side of caution. When driving around a parking garage, take your time and be careful. You might find yourself in some tight spaces, and you can’t count on other drivers to be as careful as you’re being. Cities tend to be unpredictable places, and you’ll have to watch out for other cars as well as pedestrians while you look around for a spot.

You can set yourself up for success by working with professional parking in NYC thanks to Champion Parking. New York parking is our specialty, and we can make it a breeze. Feel free to visit our website, come in and see us, or give us a call at (212) 308-5959 today.

Mistakes to Avoid When Driving in NYC

People who aren’t accustomed to driving in New York City tend to make some of the same mistakes, but all of these mistakes are avoidable if you know what to look out for. Making a right at a red light, avoiding jaywalkers, and dealing with parking can all be much different in the City. Continue reading for some of the mistakes to avoid.

Making a Right on Red

You might have been making right turns at red lights for your entire life, but the rules are a little different in New York City. In other areas, you can assume that you’re allowed to make a right on red unless there’s a sign that tells you otherwise. The opposite is the case in the City, so don’t assume you can make a right turn unless you see a sign directing you to do so.

Assuming People Won’t Jaywalk

Jaywalking is illegal, but it still happens all the time. If you’re not very familiar with NYC, you may be shocked to find out just how often it happens. Even when you technically have the right of way, you still need to beware of pedestrians. Whether you’re in the middle of a one-way street or at a crosswalk where it’s your turn to go ahead, there’s always a chance that a handful of pedestrians will cross your path.

Dealing with Parking on the Fly

Parking tends to be one of the more stressful aspects of spending time in New York City. If you want to save money and save yourself the trouble, you can contact a local parking garage and reserve yourself a spot for your car. This way, you’ll never find yourself frantically trying to find a spot while you rush to make it to the event you planned to attend.

If you’d like to make your travels easier and less stressful, look for professional parking in NYC. Champion Parking can help with parking near Madison Square Garden or the Empire State Building. Give us a call at (212) 308-5959 or visit our website for a look at our services.

The Benefits of Choosing Champion Parking

When it comes to parking in New York City, it’s tough to compare to Champion Parking. We’ve got up to date technology, a staff that cares about its customers, and experience in the parking industry. Here’s a closer look at a few of the benefits of choosing Champion Parking.

Enjoy the Latest and Greatest

In today’s day and age, you need to have the proper equipment if you want your business to succeed. At Champion Parking, we’re proud to offer only the best equipment for your needs. Efficiency is one of our primary goals, and that can translate into customer satisfaction. We keep our parking premises under surveillance at all times, keeping you and your vehicle safe. If you request other types of tech, like electronic eyes or infrared scanners, we will be happy to oblige as well. Our technology helps us remain one of the most efficient parking companies in New York City.

Work with a Caring and Attentive Staff

It takes a true team to run a business, and the Champion Parking team could not be more professional. It’s the pleasure of our staff to take care of your needs, and it’s our primary mission day in and day out. We make it a point to respect our customers, which is why we only employ trustworthy parking experts. Customer service is the route to lasting relationships, and at Champion Parking, we don’t cut any corners.

Be Confident with Industry Experience

You need to know what you’re doing in order to last in the parking industry, and Champion Parking has been helping people for more than half of a century. The business has been kept in the family the entire time, which means it’s still being run with the same core principles and values. If you want professional parking, you need Champion Parking.

Champion Parking offers several different kinds of parking in NYC. Whether you need parking near Madison Square Garden or you’re wondering where to park in New York City in general, we can be of help. Visit our website, stop by and see us, or call us at (212) 308-5959 for more information.

New to NYC? Sign Up for Monthly Parking ASAP

You’ll be exposed to all kinds of new experiences when you move to New York City, but parking might not be your favorite. That’s why there are parking companies that can help you. If you’re new to NYC, keep reading and remember to sign up for monthly parking as soon as you can.

There are countless reasons to love the Big Apple. If you want to make the most of your new life in the city, it’s a good idea to look into monthly parking. Setting up monthly parking can help to take the stress out of parking, and it will ensure that you’re never late to your game or performance. You’ll always know where you can park, which isn’t always easy in NYC, and you won’t have to pay a premium price for the convenience. If you’re new in NYC, monthly parking may be worth your while.

If you’ve just recently moved to NYC, be sure to call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959 to learn about monthly parking serving NYC. It’s our job to help you figure out where to park in New York City. Head over to our website to see what we can do for you.

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