• The New Driver’s Guide to Forward Parking

    When learning how to drive and park, the key is to remain calm and go slow. Forward parking into an open spot is one of the first skills a new driver learns. Watch the video for a detailed tutorial on how to forward park into a parking spot.

    First, you will line your side mirror up with the parking line closest to you. Second, you will turn your steering wheel all the way to the left or right, depending on what side you are pulling into. Third, you will slowly let your foot off the gas and begin to move into the spot. Lastly, you will let the steering wheel turn back the other way, slowly, as you straighten out.

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  • Keeping Your Car Safe During Overnight Parking

    There are plenty of questionable places in NYC where you can leave your car overnight, but a parking garage isn’t one of them. That being said, cars do get broken in to from time to time even if a covered, monitored, and patrolled parking garage. Keeping your car stashed in a parking garage overnight is a big step over street parking, but there are still a few things you can do to keep your car and your belongings inside it safe until you come back to your vehicle.

    Lock Your Doors monthly parking nyc

    It seems obvious, but the best thing you can do to safeguard your car and the belongings inside is to lock your doors after you park. Some people assume that parking in a garage means they can leave their car doors unlocked, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Roll Up Your Windows

    Another easy measure you can take to keep your car safe during overnight parking is to roll your windows up. You don’t have to worry about wind, rain, or snow getting inside your car while it’s parked in a garage, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your windows rolled down.

    Place Valuable Out of Sight

    Although your best bet is to take all valuables with you when you leave, this isn’t always possible. In cases where you have to leave valuables behind, keep them locked in the glovebox, inside the trunk, or place them out of sight on the floor or beneath the seats.

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  • Choosing a Safe Parking Spot

    Car theft and vandalism can strike anyone at any time, but you can reduce the chances that your car will be target by choosing a safe parking spot. This is especially important when parking your car at night or parking in an area that is prone to theft and vandalism. Watch this video for some quick tips on finding a parking spot you can feel safe leaving your car.

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  • Tips for Choosing a Parking Spot in New York City

    Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple as a tourist or you’ve recently moved here, one of the most frustrating and stressful aspects of spending time in New York City is finding parking. The roads in NYC are congested, and there are a lot of citywide parking laws and regulations that can make it difficult to find a place to park. There are plenty of parking spaces to go around, but knowing which one you can park at—and which one you should park at—is another story. To help, here are some quick tips for choosing a place to park in NYC .

    Check Parking Signs and Meter Instructions parking garages nyc

    If you decide to park your car on the street, carefully look for posted signs regarding permitted parking times. If you park at a meter, make sure you carefully read the instructions so you know things like maximum parking time and permitted times to park. Also make sure you look around for any private “no parking” signs prior to leaving your car.

    Look for Fire Hydrants

    Another tip if you choose street parking in NYC, make sure you aren’t parked close to a fire hydrant. In New York, parking within 15 feet of a hydrant can get you a $115 ticket. If it’s close and you aren’t sure how close you are to a nearby hydrant, it’s probably best (and can give you more peace of mind) to park somewhere else.

    Notice Your Surroundings

    If you’re new to the Big Apple, you might not know where to safe areas of the city are just yet. When street parking in NYC, look around and take note of any shady characters or signs of previous car break ins. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your car on a side street, look for a parking garage instead.

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