• Tips for Taking the Stress Out of NYC Parking

    New York City is a fun and exciting place to visit, but trying to find parking on those busy streets can get a little hectic at times. Continue reading for some easy ways to find the best parking spots near your favorite NYC locations.

    Find a Parking Garage

    The best way to find a stress-free parking spot is by finding a parking garage near the location you are visiting. Many museums, parks, and well-known locations around New York City partner with nearby parking garages and parking lots. You may even receive discounted parking or entry into a museum by choosing a partnered parking garage. Determine the general area you plan on visiting, and search for nearby garages to park in.

    Reserve a Parking Spot

    For a truly stress-free trip in New York City, you can reserve your own parking spot in many different parking garages and parking lots. Having a reserved spot ensures that you will have a spot waiting for you. It also helps you to find your spot directly, rather than having to search throughout a crowded parking garage just to realize the garage is full. This can waste valuable time you could spend roaming the streets on foot or heading to your destination. With a reserved spot, you will not need to waste time; you simply pull into your spot and start your trip into NYC.

    Use a Parking App

    Smartphone technology has come a long way, and it is best utilized while parking in a busy tourist spot like New York City. There are many parking apps available for download that can help you find and reserve a spot with various parking maps. Use proven and trusted parking apps, such as the Champion Parking app to aid in your parking.

    With Champion Parking, you will find over 40 different parking garages in NYC . These garages and lots are near some of New York’s finest establishments, allowing you to make the most of your visit. Please download our iTunes app or call us at 212-308-5959 to reserve your next parking spot.

  • Why Should You Use Your Parking Brake?

    It is always a safe bet to use your parking brake, especially if you park on an incline or decline. You may even choose to use your parking brake while your car is parked on an even surface.

    Watch the video for a brief look at how to set your parking brake and why. Put your car out of gear and into park, and then firmly put the parking brake on. This takes the weight of the vehicle off of your car brakes, and balances the strain between the brakes and the parking brake. This will keep your transmission in better shape for a longer amount of time.

    When you come to New York, trust Champion Parking for your city parking in NYC. We offer discount parking and long-term parking, helping you feel secure about your vehicle no matter how long it’s parked. Just call us at 212-308-5959 to reserve your spot.

  • Finding Monthly Parking in Lower Manhattan

    Lower Manhattan features one of the business capitals of the world—Wall Street, also known as the Financial District. You will also find the World Trade Center site, as well as several of New York’s most famous neighborhoods and districts. If you are working in Lower Manhattan, or spending a significant amount of time there, then you will do best with reserved monthly parking for your vehicle.

    There is a lot of parking to be found around Lower Manhattan, including discount parking, street parking, and parking garages. To keep your vehicle completely secure against vandalism or theft, you need a dependable parking garage that offers monthly parking deals. This type of parking allows you the ease of finding a parking spot every time you go to Lower Manhattan for business or pleasure.

    If you are looking for some of New York’s best parking spots, then you need to call Champion Parking at 212-308-5959. We have over 60 years of experience keeping vehicles safe and secure in New York City, so you can feel confident trusting your monthly parking near NYC with us.

  • Parking Made Easy with Advanced Reservations

    parking garage nyc It’s no secret that New York City is filled with people, buildings, and a lot of vehicles. If you are planning a visit to the Big Apple, then make your trip less stressful with reserved parking at one of the many parking garages in NYC.

    You may think that if there are so many parking garages, you don’t need to bother reserving a spot. However, less stress, easier parking, and better safety are just a few different reasons you should use advanced reservations. Finding parking without reservations—especially near popular sites like the Empire State Building—may prove fruitless. With advanced reservations, you will have an established spot for the specified amount of time, and you do not have to worry about where to go. You will have a detailed parking map of where your parking garage and spot will be. You can simply drive in, check in with an attendant, and be on your way to a great day in New York City.

    There is no point in ruining a vacation over parking woes in NYC. Champion Parking is the one to call for all of your New York City parking . We are available to take your call at (212) 308-5959.