• Answering Questions About Parking in NYC

    Finding New York City parking does not have to be a complicated part of your journey into the city. As long as you know the answers to some important questions about parking, you will have a great time when you visit without the stress of parking.

    Are there available garages and parking lots?

    There are dozens upon dozens of garages and parking lots located all over New York City. With one of the largest populations in the world, New York City planners had to delegate plenty of room for parking. There should be no problem finding a parking garage or parking lots near your work or tourist destination.

    Is it safe to park in New York City?

    As long as you choose the right garages and lots, then parking your car in New York City is as safe as anywhere else. It is never a good idea to park your vehicle in an unsafe neighborhood or in an unsecured parking lot. Look for parking garages and lots near your destination to ensure you can reach your vehicle quickly and safely. Research the areas where you are planning on parking, as well as the parking company, and you should have a fun and safe time in New York City.

    Are there garages that offer long-term parking?

    Many residents of New York City may have difficulty finding regular parking, but there are many parking garages that offer monthly parking with reserved spaces. This easy parking is great to relieve any headaches you might have when you head to work or back home.

    Are there lots that offer short-term parking?

    If you are visiting for the day or weekend, then you can take advantage of a reserved space near your hotel or your tourist destination. There are several garages and lots located near the most popular museums, neighborhoods, and theaters, all offering short-term parking at an affordable cost.

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  • Surprising Secrets of Rockefeller Center

    Visiting New York City would not be complete without a visit to the famed Rockefeller Center. This historical landmark boasts 22 acres of parking, buildings, shops, restaurants, and so much more. However, as seen in the short video, a landmark this large is not without its secrets.

    Every year, the Rockefeller Christmas tree is lit up with 30,000 LED lights, and it is topped with a huge, 550 lb. Swarovski crystal star. The Rockefeller center continues to beautify Midtown Manhattan with dozens of sculptures, mosaics, and reliefs dotted throughout the buildings and pathways. This collection of art is due to the art-loving Rockefeller couple who built the original center.

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  • Avoid Neighborhood Parking Conflicts with Reserved Monthly Parking

    Finding parking in New York City can be difficult at times, and it does not help when everyone else in the neighborhood is looking for the same spot. With so many people trying to find a parking spot near their home, tempers and tensions can start to rise. Instead of constantly searching for that elusive open parking spot, reserve a monthly parking spot. Let’s take a look at the benefits of reserved monthly parking.

    • Reserving a spot for the month can yield significant discounts in parking.
    • A spot in a parking lot or garage is reserved, meaning there is no need to circle the block continuously to find a spot.
    • Stress is reduced by easily finding a parking spot whenever it is needed.
    • With less stress, work and family life is more easygoing and enjoyable.

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  • Take an Inside Look at Madison Square Garden

    You would be hard-pressed to find a more iconic staple of New York City than Madison Square Garden. Look into your parking options and watch this video clip in order to take an inside look at Madison Square Garden.

    Madison Square Garden—or MSG to the locals—has been host to just about every major musician or basketball or hockey team you could name. Its billion dollar renovation was a much needed change that led to almost 100 new suites and a more spacious and comfortable entryway. The 2.6 million hours of labor have brought about new products while bolstering MSG’s icons.

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