• Planning a Trip to the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

    There is no bad time to visit New York City, but certain factors point to the winter as being perhaps the best season to make the trip. The Rockefeller Center tree lighting is one of the more famous events and can be dazzling to behold—but you’ll have to find parking first. Continue reading if you’re planning a trip to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting.

    No place celebrates the holidays quite like New York City. You can find a number of famous holiday attractions like the Rockefeller Center tree in the boroughs. Before you set out, make sure you find a parking company to work with; this can help you ensure that you catch the lighting as well as any other sights you wanted to see while sticking to your schedule. You should also grab a map if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

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  • Recognizing the Risks of Street Parking in NYC

    Parking in New York City can be a pain, and it can be dangerous as well. It might be difficult to find a spot and even more difficult to protect your vehicle from criminals and dangerous drivers. Keep reading if you might be interested in recognizing the risks of street parking in NYC.

    Parking Spots and Rules

    No matter how good you are at driving in the city, parking is a completely separate challenge. You will need to find a spot relatively close to your destination, and you’ll need to pay attention to the rules governing that specific area. You might have to pay the meter or move your car at a certain time, both of which can be inconvenient. When you work with a New York City parking company, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

    Thieves and Vandals

    When it comes to highly populated areas like the city, there are bound to be a few criminals around. An unattended car is an easy target for all sorts of crimes, especially theft and vandalism. You don’t want to return to your vehicle to find that your windows have been smashed or your paint job has been keyed, so it’s important to think about parking before you head out. If you want to keep your car protected from these dangers, it is a good idea to park in a garage with parking professionals.

    Reckless Drivers

    You need to be trusting of other drivers when you park on the street, because there is always a chance that a passing car will clip your mirror or swipe the side of your car. Accidents do occur in NYC despite the traffic, and a bad accident could end up involving your parked car.

    Street parking in NYC can be dangerous, so let the professionals at Champion Parking help you out. Our specialists have New York City parking mastered, and we are happy to help you keep your car safe while you go about your business in the city. Visit our website or call us at (212) 308-5959 for details today.

  • Inside the History of the Chrysler Building

    As tough as it can be to find parking in NYC, historic sights like the Chrysler Building make it worthwhile. Watch this video for a quick look inside the history of the Chrysler Building.

    Walter P. Chrysler announced the Chrysler Building in 1928, and it was completed 2 years later. For a little while, it was the tallest building in the world as well as a tribute to the industry and a celebration of the success that Mr. Chrysler had. The building also served as an incentive for future generations of Chryslers.

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  • Where to Go in Hell’s Kitchen

    Hell’s Kitchen has plenty to offer for both residents and tourists, but you might need a parking map to make sure you hit all the spots you want to in the time you have allotted. There is much to choose from in terms of dining, outdoor recreation, and nighttime fun. Read on to find out where to go in Hell’s Kitchen.

    Restaurants and Dining

    Whether you are heading to a play, a concert, or a sporting event, you’ll need to stop somewhere and fuel up at some point. With the dining options in Hell’s Kitchen, however, you might have gone out for that reason alone. If you want to go all out, consider Esca’s Italian seafood or pick up a Mexican dish at Toloache. If you are looking for something a little more on the affordable side, you can always check out Totto Ramen or Gotham West Market. Make sure you show up hungry when you arrive in Hell’s Kitchen, because you will most certainly leave full.

    Outdoor Activities

    Hell’s Kitchen has plenty of outdoor activities to offer all year long, so you can find something fun to do no matter what season it is. The Hudson River Park is full of great scenes that you and your loved one can enjoy, while the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum has fun exhibits that the whole family can enjoy. The museum is housed in an aircraft carrier from the 1940s that was used in both World War II and Vietnam.

    Bars and Clubs

    If you are into nightlife, Hell’s Kitchen won’t disappoint. The Pony Bar is a microbrewery that is perfect for the beer connoisseur, while the Library Bar has more of a variety of drinks. Hell’s Kitchen is particularly welcoming to the LGBTQ population with a number of gay bars and nightclubs.

    No matter where you’re heading in Hell’s Kitchen, it will be helpful to find quality parking serving NYC . The team at Champion Parking is happy to help you with public or overnight parking. Give us a call at (212) 308-5959 to learn about our discount parking services today.

  • Inside NYC’s Garment District

    The Garment District in New York City is a neighborhood filled with fashion, history, and great shopping. Nearby parking is easy to find, so walking tours are easy to join. Here are some simple ways to enjoy New York City’s world-famous Garment District:

    Take a Walking Tour

    New York City is filled with history, museums, shopping, and food. All of these can be found in a separate walking tour of the Garment District . These tours occur every couple of weeks, and they should be reserved in advance to ensure a spot. The tours range from shopping, educational, historical, and general interest around the Garment District. None of these tours are to be missed because they can offer a completely new look at a world-renowned location in New York City.

    Find a Gift Shop

    It isn’t possible to come to New York City and not find at least one souvenir to take home. There are several shops located in the Garment District that boast all types of souvenirs, such as magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and so much more. If one of these small knickknacks does not seem like enough, then look for regular shopping around the District to find the latest fashions, books, and artwork that is sweeping the city.

    Eat Great Food

    One of the many exceptional reasons to visit New York City is to experience the great wealth of food choices. The Garment District boasts several dozens of original and local restaurants that can only be found in New York City. Delis, bakeries, ethnic food, and countless other types of restaurants dot the streets of the Garment District, so find some nearby parking and enjoy the great food.

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