• Secret Bars to Explore in the East Village

    You’ll find plenty to do right out of the parking garage, but not everything worth seeing in the East Village will be pointed out to you. Watch this video on secret bars to explore in the East Village.

    Crif Dogs is known for their excellent hot dogs, but to some, the location is known as an entrance to a secret spot called PDT, or Please Don’t Tell. Picking up the telephone in the phone booth opens a door to an exclusive bar that also offers gourmet hot dogs.

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  • Shopping on Park Avenue

    New York City is a shopping hub, which means you’ll want to find prime parking so you’re not lugging bags around everywhere. Working with a parking service will allow you to focus on the fun part without worrying about the hassle. Take a look ahead if you’re planning on shopping on Park Avenue.

    Whether you’re looking for something brand new to wear to an exciting event or you’re just interested in doing some window shopping, Park Avenue is the place to go. Park Avenue in New York City has something for everyone, and it’s also the home of the Grand Central Terminal. If you want to explore outside of the station you can find everything from your typical drug stores to bake shops, home entertainment specialists, and men’s tailors. You can also work with a local parking service to ensure that you spend as much time as you want shopping.

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  • A Guide to Visiting the Upper East Side

    A trip to New York City can be exciting and fulfilling, but it helps to have an itinerary. You’ll need to know where to eat your meals and what to do while you’re there, and it helps to enlist a parking service to make things easier. Here is a guide to visiting the Upper East Side:

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

    Every meal should be a treat when you’re on vacation, and the Upper East Side is eager to deliver. Breakfast spots like East Side Bagel & Appetizing and Café Sabarsky will help you start your day off right, and you can follow that up with a taste of true New York pizza at Nick’s Pizza. Your dinner options are practically endless, so you can either follow your nose as you walk around or stop by local favorites like the Arlington Club, the Kings’ Carriage House, or Café Boulud.

    Attractions and Activities

    There is never a shortage of fun and exciting things to do in New York City, so it won’t be difficult to find something that appeals to you. Central Park is a great hub for lounging around or taking a daytime stroll. If you are interested in shopping, you can find just about anything you’re looking for on the Upper East Side; Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, and Michael Kors are just a small fraction of the popular shopping spots. Those who are interested in nightlife might consider stopping by the Baker Street Pub, Club Macanudo, or Dangerfield’s.

    Parking Services

    When you visit the Upper East Side by car, it’s a good idea to work with a professional parking service. Your parking professionals can help you navigate New York City parking quickly and easily so you can focus on having a good time. Set up reserved parking in advance for extra convenience.

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