• Visiting the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

    The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is one of many historic venues that New York City has to offer, and as such it has become a popular tourist attraction. You can register for a tour around the building with a professional tour guide, but look up the rules in advance so you know what to bring. You should also talk to a parking service so you can find a spot easily. Continue reading if you plan to visit the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

    Planning a Tour

    If you want to make the most of your trip to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, consider taking a tour with an experienced tour guide. The Lincoln Center offers different types of tours in order to accommodate those who don’t speak English, travelers in larger groups, and people who have accessibility needs. Guided tours are held every day and will take you all over the famous campus, and you might even get to see some of the performance spaces.

    Understanding the Rules

    You’ll want to be respectful and in accordance with the rules when you take a tour of the Lincoln Center, so you should know about the restrictions in advance. Backpacks and large bags are not allowed on the tour and there is no storage area, so don’t bring a large bag with you to the museum. It is also against the rules to have food or drinks with you on the tour.

    Reserving Parking

    It’s easy to get caught up trying to find parking and miss your tour, so take care of it ahead of time. Call a professional parking service and reserve a spot; this way it will be waiting for you and you can head right into the Lincoln Center.

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  • Can’t-Miss Locations for Book Lovers in NYC

    New York City has something for everyone. If you’re a lover of books, the city actually has quite a bit to offer you. From famous libraries and bookstores to peaceful reading spots and historically significant landmarks, Manhattan itself is a book lover’s paradise. Read on for a look at some can’t-miss locations for book lovers in NYC so you know where to reserve your parking .


    The New York Public Library might be the sole reason you planned a trip to New York City in the first place, so reserve your parking and feed your excitement. This building has been standing for over a hundred years, and it comes complete with a gift shop so you can buy souvenirs for your book-loving friends. The Morgan Library & Museum is another must-see spot, and it is home to Pierpont Morgan’s classic collections. The Astor Library is even older than the New York Public Library, so be sure to see this over 150-year-old building during your travels.


    192 BOOKS is a unique bookstore in NYC that offers modern books and new releases as well as older books that are particularly hard to come by. The Strand, which opened in 1927, is another bookstore that is home to an unfathomable collection of books. You can find new releases as well as used and rare books among the 18 miles of books that are stored here.

    Places of Interest

    Once you have seen the sights and picked up some more books for your collection, it’s time to find a nice spot to settle down and enjoy them. Central Park’s Literary Walk is a picturesque walkway where you can sit down and enjoy a good read amongst statues of literary figures. Be sure to see Edgar Allen Poe’s cottage before you leave the city.

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  • Reasons You Need Reserved Parking in Manhattan

    The last thing that should ruin your trip is parking trouble, which is one reason it’s so helpful to work with a parking service . This can help you keep your group on schedule, protect your vehicle from damage, and even keep you safe when you return to your car at night. Read on for reasons you need reserved parking in Manhattan.


    Finding parking can be a hindrance, and in particularly difficult situations, it can cause you to be late for an important event or meeting. If you want to make sure you avoid as much hassle as possible, you need reserved parking in Manhattan. With reserved parking you won’t just be looking for any spot; you’ll be looking for a spot that is waiting just for you. Since there’s no competition, you can still easily get into your spot even if you are running a little bit behind schedule.

    Vehicle Security

    It’s not abnormal to feel somewhat wary about leaving your car unattended in a busy city that you’re unfamiliar with, which is another reason reserved parking can be helpful. When you call a parking service and set up a reservation, you will typically park in a parking garage, parking lot, or street parking area that is supervised to some degree. This means that potential criminals will have a harder time accessing, vandalizing, or breaking into your car.

    Personal Safety

    Reserved parking can make you more comfortable with leaving your car, and it can also make you feel safer when you come back to it. If your reserved parking spot is in a well-lit parking garage, there will be attendants in the area who can deter unwanted interactions with strangers. This can be particularly helpful for nervous people who are not familiar with city environments.

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