• Planning a Visit to Radio City Music Hall

    Radio City Music Hall is famous for its spectacular shows, making it a wonderful tourist attraction for people from all over the world. If you’re thinking about taking a trip, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the rules so you can plan accordingly. It’s also a good idea to enlist the help of a parking service so you can make it to your show without any trouble. Read ahead if you’re planning to visit Radio City Music Hall.

    Understanding the Alcohol Policy

    There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself with a few drinks when you visit Radio City, but you should understand the venue’s alcohol policy. You can purchase alcohol at most events that are held at Radio City Music Hall, but you can’t bring outside alcohol into the venue. You also can’t bring alcohol that you purchase there outside, and you’ll need to present a valid idea if you appear to be 40 years of age or younger.

    Packing for the Visit

    You’ll need to bring your identification with you if you plan on drinking at a Radio City Music Hall event, but you don’t need to bring much else. Remember that the staff is allowed to search any bags you bring, and you will only have the space under your seat to store your belongings. There is no coat or bag check area, so only bring with you what you’re comfortable sitting with.

    Figuring Out Your Parking

    Radio City Music Hall hosts some of the most impressive shows around, and parking isn’t always easy due to the high demand. If you want to make sure you get to see the whole show without stressing about finding a place for your vehicle, talk to the parking professionals ahead of time and reserve a space nearby.

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  • Easy Tips for Reverse Parking

    Reverse parking can seem scary if you’re a beginner, but you will be fine as long as you follow the right steps. Remember to continuously check out your surroundings to be extra safe. Check out this video clip for some easy tips for reverse parking.

    Start by turning your right turn signal on and choosing a parking spot. Drive 2 spots farther and line up your shoulder with the middle of the spot. Turn your wheel to the right and then put your car in reverse, then slowly drive backwards. Once your car is straight, turn the steering wheel to the left and straighten out into the desired spot.

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  • What First-Time NYC Visitors Need to Know About Parking and Driving

    New York City is one of the most famous places in the world for a reason, but that means that the sights and experiences are in high demand. If you’re planning on visiting NYC for the first time, you should have a plan when it comes to parking and driving. Keep reading to see what first-time NYC visitors need to know about parking and driving.

    Understanding Regulations

    If you are not from the area, you might not know what to expect when it comes to parking regulations in New York City. When you pull up to what you think is a free parking space, it pays to do a little extra investigating to make sure you are in fact in a free spot. Different streets have different parking rules in New York City, and there might not always be a visible sign near your spot.

    Seeking Parking Services

    Not everyone has time to do their research before finding parking in New York City. In this case, it’s a good idea to find a local parking service to help you out. This can put your mind at ease and helps you ensure that you’re abiding by the local rules and regulations. If you don’t want to worry about whether or not you’re getting a ticket while you’re enjoying your event, let the parking professionals give you a hand.

    Avoiding Being Towed

    Tickets aren’t the only threat when it comes to parking in NYC, and the last thing you want is to return to your parking spot to find that your vehicle has been towed. Once your vehicle accrues a few tickets, it is viable to be towed, and an out-of-state license plate can stick out to authorities, so figure out a parking plan in advance.

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  • Getting to Know the Hell’s Kitchen Area

    Hell’s Kitchen is one of the last affordable, up-and-coming neighborhoods left in New York City. Young professionals and first-time homebuyers have been flocking to this dynamic neighborhood. Although it’s generally regarded as a parking “dead zone,” residents and visitors shouldn’t have a problem when they choose an established parking garage with a computerized system.

    You can get to know the Hell’s Kitchen area better by watching this video. You’ll meet Kevin, a Hell’s Kitchen resident who loves living near amenities like trendy restaurants and chic bars. Hell’s Kitchen isn’t far away from Central Park, either.

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