• Your Parking Options in Chinatown

    If you’re planning on spending the day in Chinatown, it’s a good idea to plan your parking in advance. This will give you some time to find out what the best locations are and work with a professional service. Continue reading for a look at your options in Chinatown.

    Geographically, Chinatown isn’t all that huge. It’s by no means lacking in traffic, however, which means it behooves you to take care of parking ahead of time and make the congestion easier to deal with. Two of the best spots to leave your car in Chinatown are at the Confucius Plaza parking garage on Division Street and on Broadway near Canal Street. Both of these locations are in the heart of Chinatown, near sites like the Museum Of Chinese in America and the Manhattan Bridge. Make sure you reserve your spots ahead of time so you can explore.

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  • How the Summer Sun Can Damage Your Car

    The summer brings along a larger dose of vitamin D, but it also brings UV rays that can damage your car. It’s wise to be careful where you park and you should try to use parking garages during the summer. Watch this video clip on summer car damage.

    When heat gets trapped in the interior of your car, it’s not just uncomfortable. It can also seriously damage the upholstery inside your car and even the paintjob on the outside of it. If you want to keep the inside of your vehicle comfortable and safe, use sunshades to block out the UV rays. You should also store your car in a garage or use a car cover.

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  • Mistakes to Avoid When Driving in NYC

    People who aren’t accustomed to driving in New York City tend to make some of the same mistakes, but all of these mistakes are avoidable if you know what to look out for. Making a right at a red light, avoiding jaywalkers, and dealing with parking can all be much different in the City. Continue reading for some of the mistakes to avoid.

    Making a Right on Red

    You might have been making right turns at red lights for your entire life, but the rules are a little different in New York City. In other areas, you can assume that you’re allowed to make a right on red unless there’s a sign that tells you otherwise. The opposite is the case in the City, so don’t assume you can make a right turn unless you see a sign directing you to do so.

    Assuming People Won’t Jaywalk

    Jaywalking is illegal, but it still happens all the time. If you’re not very familiar with NYC, you may be shocked to find out just how often it happens. Even when you technically have the right of way, you still need to beware of pedestrians. Whether you’re in the middle of a one-way street or at a crosswalk where it’s your turn to go ahead, there’s always a chance that a handful of pedestrians will cross your path.

    Dealing with Parking on the Fly

    Parking tends to be one of the more stressful aspects of spending time in New York City. If you want to save money and save yourself the trouble, you can contact a local parking garage and reserve yourself a spot for your car. This way, you’ll never find yourself frantically trying to find a spot while you rush to make it to the event you planned to attend.

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