• These 10 Things Can Damage Your Vehicle’s Paint

    You worked hard to purchase your vehicle and you work hard to maintain it, but there are some elements that still end up damaging your paint job when parking in NYC. When you’re looking for public parking, think about these elements and how they could affect your car. Watch this video on 10 things that can damage your vehicle’s paint.

    A sprinkler spraying your car might not seem like the end of the world, but it can leave water stains on your paint job. Common issues like bird droppings and bug splatter can also cause your paint to peel or become discolored, so make sure to clean up the messes quickly and thoroughly. If you want to avoid damage to your vehicle’s paint altogether, it’s best to park inside a parking garage.

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Navigating a Parking Garage Safely

    Some see parking garages as convenient places to leave their cars , while others are worried about their safety. If you’re not so city savvy, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to stay safe. Here is a quick look at the beginner’s guide to navigating a parking garage safely.

    Use Your Horn for Safety

    An obnoxious, blaring horn can be enough to get on anyone’s nerves, but there are practical uses for this steering wheel feature, too. When you’re driving around the parking garage, you can use your horn as you come up on corners where visibility is limited. Alternatively, if it looks like someone is trying to break into your car, you can hit the panic button on your keys to sound the alarms and scare the would-be criminal away.

    Park Towards the Middle of an Aisle

    It might be easier to find your car if it’s parked at the end of an aisle, but that’s not necessarily the safest bet. Cars towards the ends of the aisles may be more vulnerable to damage from vehicles that speed around the corners of the parking garage. You’ll want to navigate your car or truck to a spot that’s not near corners to avoid this type of accident.

    Drive Slowly and Be Cautious

    Part of being a driver is anticipating what other drivers on the road will do, but you should err on the side of caution. When driving around a parking garage, take your time and be careful. You might find yourself in some tight spaces, and you can’t count on other drivers to be as careful as you’re being. Cities tend to be unpredictable places, and you’ll have to watch out for other cars as well as pedestrians while you look around for a spot.

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