• Does the City Have a Ticket Quota?

    Driving and parking in New York City is a daily occurrence for many people, but those who are visiting for business or on vacation should know what it’s like. If you’re a native, the idea of a ticket quota isn’t exactly revolutionary. Watch this video and see if the city has a ticket quota.

    It takes about 50,000 parking tickets to generate the $6 million in revenue that the city is expected to receive. These tickets are the result of a crackdown on city workers who park illegally or abuse their privileges. However, about 50,000 permits have also been issued to school employees like teachers and principals to reinforce good behavior.

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  • Know the Risks of Road Salt

    Road salt makes driving and parking easier when the weather gets bad. Although it’s good for your safety on the road, it can also take a toll on your vehicle. Watch this video to learn about the risks of road salt.

    Just like you’d wipe sand off your feet between the beach and your car, you should try to kick the salt off your shoes before getting back in the car during the winter. Salt is damaging to floor mats and interior carpets, and it can also threaten your exterior paint job. Wash your car regularly so road salt doesn’t corrode your ride, and pay particular attention to the door jambs and fuel door.

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  • How to Never Get a Parking Ticket in NYC

    Finding parking can take a while sometimes, especially if you’re in a big city like New York. Your monthly parking spot might always be waiting for you, but what happens when you venture out elsewhere? You need to know where you can and can’t park in order to avoid an expensive ticket. Read on and find out how to never get a parking ticket in NYC.

    Monthly parking services are convenient because you always know where an open spot will be. It won’t follow you everywhere you go, so you still need to know the rules if you don’t want a ticket. When you use a meter, keep track of the time and put your receipt on your dashboard. Don’t park near fire hydrants or in a crosswalk or bike lane, and update your insurance. Abide by these tips and never get a parking ticket.

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  • What New Drivers Should Know About Parking Garages

    Driving in a rural area is much different than driving in a city, so parking is much different as well. If you’ve never driven in a city before, you should know a thing or 2 about parking garages. Watch this video and find out what you should know.

    Parking garages have multiple levels, so there is a height limit that you can’t breach. If your vehicle appears too tall, don’t try to enter. Drive slowly so you can make sharp turns, react to other drivers, and look out for pedestrians. Try to remember which level you’re on so it’s easier to find your vehicle when you come back for it.

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  • Have You Winterized Your Car Yet?

    There is such a thing as winterizing your car too early, but it can be just as bad to winterize it too late. Your vehicle won’t handle exactly the same way the whole year, especially in climates with distinct seasons. Check your tires, HVAC systems, and lights at the end of the summer to make parking easier and safer.


    Summer is a great time for road trips, but road trips aren’t great for your tires. Before the winter, check the tread depth of your tires. Bald tires won’t grip the snowy road, so they’re not safe for the winter. The temperature outside affects your tire pressure, so inflate as necessary to maintain control of the car or truck.


    If you had to suffer through the summer without a working air conditioner in your car, you should tune up your HVAC systems. Otherwise, you might spend the cold part of the year without any heat. A functioning heater is important because it keeps the driver and passengers warm throughout the winter, but that’s not all. Your vehicle also needs your heater. Overheating and freezing are both bad for your vehicle, so keep an eye on the gauge to check on the temperature of your car from time to time.


    When the longer days are in the past and it starts getting darker earlier, your lights become more important. You may also be vulnerable to inclement weather once the summer fades, and that too can have an impact on the lighting outside. Your lights help you stay visible to other drivers so they can recognize you on the road. Visual communication helps prevent accidents and keep motorists safe, and lights are the primary tool. If someone sees you coming from far away, they’ll have much more time to react.

    Winterizing gives you more control over your vehicle, which helps with parking in NYC. Champion Parking also helps with parking during New York winters. Feel free to call us at (212) 308-5959 or look through our website and see what we can do for you.