• The Southerner’s Guide to Wintertime Driving and Parking

    If you’re not familiar with New York City, you might be surprised at how erratic the weather can be when you get there. Whether you were born and raised in NYC or you’re coming up for a visit, you should always have an eye on the forecast. Park in a parking garage to protect your vehicle, and winterize your car properly to maximize your control when you’re on the road.

    Checking the Weather

    Life in New York City is unique, and it might take a little while for people who come from far away to adjust to the lifestyle. If you spend some time in the northeast, you’ll realize how important it is to check the weather whenever you’re getting ready to go out. Sometimes the winter weather is clear and sunny, and sometimes the roads are treacherously icy, and the conditions can change in no time. Always look at the forecast before you drive anywhere so you know what to expect.

    Parking in a Garage

    Street parking can be a gamble in New York City. Depending on where you park on the road, your vehicle may be susceptible to criminal pedestrians as well as hit-and-run drivers. You even have to worry about snow plows damaging your car as they clear the streets. You can avoid these problems by parking in a parking garage. This way your vehicle will be safe from the snow and the vehicles that might push the snow onto your car.

    Winterizing Your Car

    If you’ve never dealt with real winter weather before, you’ll probably have no idea how to take care of your car. In addition to changing your oil and checking your windshield wipers and heater, you should pay close attention to your tires during the winter. Tire pressure changes with temperature, so keep yours properly inflated.

    Driving and parking in NYC can be a hassle even if you are native to the area, so call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959 or check out our website to see how we can make it easier. Our services make public street parking simple, so reach out today.

  • The Beacon Theatre: What to Know Before You Go

    The Beacon Theatre is a famous venue in New York City that hosts a wide variety of events. Like any other venue, there are rules to follow and things you should know to prepare for your night out. Look into what’s on the menu, what you can and can’t bring, and how to handle your parking before you leave. Continue reading and find out what you should know.

    Food and Beverage Rules

    You won’t enjoy the event as much if you’re distracted by how hungry or thirsty you are, so make sure to fill up before you head inside. You should know in advance that the Beacon Theatre rules state that you can’t bring outside food or beverages into the venue. If you’re of age, however, you can usually purchase alcoholic beverages once you’re inside the theatre. Keep in mind that the beverages you purchase in the theatre cannot be taken outside, and you’ll have to show valid ID to make a purchase.

    Prohibited Items

    There are a few other items that you can’t bring inside the Beacon Theatre aside from food and alcohol. Drugs are also prohibited from the venue, as are laser pens, signs, and banners. Oversized bags are also a problem, so make sure you pack a reasonably sized bag if you’re traveling, or leave your luggage in your vehicle.

    Finding Parking

    The show must go on, and it’s never going to wait until everyone who purchased a ticket has had a chance to find a seat. You want to make sure you catch the entire performance, so it’s a good idea to take care of your parking situation well beforehand. Contact a professional parking company to reserve your space so you have plenty of time to get settled in before the show starts.

    If you’re planning a trip to the Beacon Theatre, call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959 to figure out your parking in NYC in advance. Learn all about our public parking services and view our parking map by visiting our website.

  • Survival Tips for NYC Car Owners

    New York City is an incredibly populated area, so not everyone feels the need to own a car when they live there. Public transportation is a way of life for many city dwellers, but what if you don’t want to part with your vehicle? If you’re going to be parking your car in the Big Apple, read on for some helpful survival tips.

    Know Street Parking Rules

    In some cities, you can park on whichever side of the road whenever you want. This is not the case in New York City. NYC laws require that you park on a certain side of the street during specific windows of time. This is made even trickier by the fact that these rules vary by area, so know what the rules are before you leave the car.

    Practice Parallel Parking

    You should already know how to parallel park after passing your road test, but it’s a particularly crucial skill to have under your belt in NYC. As one of the most famous cities in the world, New York City is always buzzing with people and traffic. That leaves parking pretty tight most of the time. Knowing how to parallel park like a pro will help you avoid accidents and damage to your car, and it can come in handy when you need to park in a pinch.

    Use Professional Parking Services

    Owning a car while living in the city doesn’t have to be such a headache, but you need to understand your resources in order to save yourself the stress. Professional parking services can make living in New York City a whole lot easier. You can reserve a parking space overnight, or you can pay for a parking space to call yours for months at a time. Parking garages keep your vehicle safe from vandals, plows, and reckless drivers so your car stays in the same condition when you return to it.

    You can trust the professionals at Champion Parking to help you with garage or street parking in NYC. Please give us a call at (212) 308-5959 for the best parking experience possible .

  • Surprisingly Strange Facts About Parking

    You might not think about parking unless you’re in the process at the moment, but it’s actually an interesting concept. There is a lot to know about parking, like where people are most likely to be ticketed, which spots are most valuable, and where in the world you can find the biggest parking lot. Here are some surprisingly strange facts about parking.

    Ticket Prevalence

    It’s not a coincidence that you’ve met so many New Yorkers who don’t have cars. It’s one of the busiest cities in the world, and there are only so many spots. Illegal parking happens all the time, but fines and tickets do, too. Manhattan is a hotspot for parking tickets.

    Parking Spot Value

    You would think that 2 lines drawn on the ground would have the same value anywhere, but this is not the case at all. If you want to experience the most valuable parking spots for yourself, you’d have to travel to a place like London or Hong Kong. The most expensive permanent parking spots, however, are in New York City. Here, a person can spend a million dollars to park in a unit under their condo. That’s a steep price for a small plot of land, but people pay for the convenience.

    Biggest Parking Lot

    It has been suggested that the United States is home to somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 billion parking spaces. You can find roughly a third of them in parking lots all over the world, but 30,000 of them all come from the same location: the West Edmonton Mall. Edmonton, Canada’s West Edmonton Mall is the biggest shopping center in the world, so it stands to reason that it’s got the biggest parking lot, as well. It features one massive parking lot that holds 20,000 spaces, with an adjoining lot that expands it by half.

    Parking in NYC can be a surprisingly strange experience in itself, especially if you don’t work with professionals like Champion Parking . Call us at (212) 308-5959 or come by and see us for info about our overnight parking services today.

  • Does Champion Parking Accept Oversize Vehicles?

    It’s often difficult to find parking in New York City, especially if your vehicle is larger than most. You can rely on Champion Parking to help you find a spot for your SUV or other large truck. If you drive an oversize vehicle, read on to see what Champion Parking can do.

    The team at Champion Parking is always happy to help make your life easier by providing you with convenient and reliable parking services. If you drive an oversize vehicle, you might have a hard time finding a parking spot in the city. When you work with Champion Parking, you’ll never have trouble again. All we charge is a five-dollar daily fee, and we will find a home for your oversized vehicle. This helps you in several ways. First, your vehicle is protected. Bigger vehicles may jut out into the road, but we’ll make sure yours is secure in its space. We can also reserve your space, so you know exactly where to park every day.

    You can still find parking in NYC even with an oversize vehicle, if you call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959. Our website details our parking lots, parking garages, and street parking services.