Planning a Visit to Wall Street

Wall Street is situated in New York’s Financial District and is a popular destination for tourists. Most people who go want to see the New York Stock Exchange, and while you can’t actually go into the building, there are still plenty of reasons to head to Wall Street and explore the area. Fortunately Champion Parking makes visiting Wall Street convenient with pre-reserved parking options nearby.


Take in the Stock Exchange Building

After 9/11, which occurred blocks away from the Stock Exchange, the building was closed to public tours for security purposes, however, many people enjoy seeing the building itself. It is located on the corner of Wall and Broad Streets and features six Corinthian columns made of marble plus a sculpture that reads “Integrity Protecting the Works of Man.” Usually, the American flag hangs in the entrance to the building. The opening bell sounds at 9 AM and the closing bell is at 4 PM.


Visit the Local Sites

When you’re in the Wall Street area, you can get a more detailed look at what happens on Wall Street by visiting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Museum of American Finance. You can also pose for a picture by the famous Bull of Wall Street and visit Federal Hall City Hall Park, and the Woolworth Building. Wall Street is a great base for a trip to the Statue of Liberty, as you can get a ferry from nearby Battery Park.


Arrange Parking in Advance

The combination of people working on Wall Street with tourists visiting the area means parking is in high demand. If you will be driving, reserve a parking space before you get there, so you don’t have to waste time fighting for a spot.


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