• Top Things to Do After Moving to New York City

    Any long-distance move can bring a little culture shock. After moving to New York City, it may take a while to feel adjusted. It helps to make friends with your new neighbors and co-workers. If you feel lost about the way things are done in the Big Apple, they can steer you in the right direction.


    Sign up for monthly parking.

    Parking can be a hassle in the city, and street parking can place your vehicle at risk of significant damage. Take the stress out of parking and sign up for a monthly parking plan instead. Look for a company that maintains clean, safe, and secure facilities, with competitive monthly rates.


    Buy some good shoes and an umbrella.

    Even if you’re bringing your car to New York City, you should be prepared to do a lot of walking. New York is a city on the move, and its residents and visitors walk pretty much everywhere. Invest in a good pair of comfortable walking shoes that look stylish enough to wear to work or out to dinner. Note that New Yorkers tend to walk pretty fast, so be ready to keep up with the flow of traffic. If you need to stop for a minute to answer your cellphone, step to the side. You should also buy an umbrella if you don’t already have one. NYC gets plenty of rain, and you’ll get soaked if you get caught in a sudden downpour walking from the parking garage to your apartment.


    Step out of your comfort zone.

    New York City has a whole lot to offer. Even after you’ve lived there for years, you’ll still find something new to experience every day. Don’t be shy about stepping out of your comfort zone. Not a fan of orchestral music? Go see a show anyway. You might surprise yourself by loving it. Try different cuisines in different neighborhoods. Take advantage of your wonderful new city and become a true New Yorker.


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  • Take a Culinary Tour of Chinatown

    Chinatown, located in lower Manhattan, has a lot to offer residents and visitors. Tourists first began flocking to Chinatown during the early 20th century, mainly in search of exotic new cuisine to sample. You can carry on this tradition by planning your own culinary tour. If you’re driving there, you can find convenient parking on Division Street.


    Nom Wah

    Nom Wah is one of the oldest places to eat in Chinatown, and the first to serve dim sum. The restaurant has undergone a modern transformation, while maintaining its authentic appeal. Today, each dim sum dish is cooked to order. The house special is pan-fried dumplings. You should also try the eggplant stuffed with shrimp.


    Cheung Fun Noodle Cart

    A culinary tour wouldn’t be complete without a world-class street food vendor. You’ll find this noodle cart on the north side of Grand Street. These dim sum noodles are steamed flat, then folded and topped with delicious sauces and other condiments.


    Bassanova Ramen

    If you haven’t had your fill of noodles yet, head over to Bassanova Ramen on Mott Street. This restaurant specializes in creative dishes for adventurous eaters.  Try the black pepper tonkotsu or the spicy green curry ramen. Note that this restaurant is cash-only.


    Sing Kee

    Located on Bowery Street, Sing Kee specializes in classic Cantonese dishes, particularly fresh seafood. Sample the flash-fried flounder and try the garlicky crab on noodles. Other good choices include the barbecue char siu and crispy chicken.


    Peking Duck House

    If you’re in the mood for a special dinner for two, the Peking Duck House is a must-try. You’ll find it on Mott Street. Its signature dish, the Peking duck dinner, is brought on a cart directly to your table and carved while you watch. If you still have room left for dessert, try the delicious fried banana with walnuts.


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  • Exiting a Parking Spot Safely

    Exiting a parking spot is something that will become second nature to you as you gain more experience behind the wheel. But if you’re a new driver, you can benefit from the tips outlined in this video. This driving instructor explains how to exit a parking spot safely regardless of whether you pulled into it or backed into it.

    You’ll also get some helpful hints about exiting a parallel parking spot safely. Many driving students back up as far as they can, then put their turn signal on and turn the steering wheel right away. They often forget to switch from “reverse” to “forward.” Instead, shift your car out of reverse as soon as you’re done backing up.


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  • Planning Your Trip to See the Radio City Rockettes

    It’s a New York City tradition to see the Radio City Rockettes during the winter holidays. The Christmas show is fun for all ages. Since the Rockettes are such a popular attraction, you should purchase your tickets now if you haven’t already. Tickets are available to purchase directly from the Rockettes’ website.

    Plan to arrive one hour earlier than the start time of your show. You’ll need some time to go through security and locate your seats. The Radio City Music Hall requests that attendees leave extra packages and bags at home. If you have extra time before the show after getting through security, you can head to the First Mezzanine or Grand Lounge levels to take a photo with one of the Rockettes!

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