Keeping Your Car Safe in NYC

Scratches and dents can happen to any car in any city, but vehicles are definitely at a higher risk of sustaining damage in major cities like New York. Accidents are more likely to happen in densely trafficked areas too, and car break-ins and theft are always concerning. But by taking a few precautions, such as by parking in safe, well-lit areas, you can minimize the risks.


Know the risks of street parking.

Street parking is particularly hazardous in major metropolitan areas. The traffic can make it difficult to take the time needed to safely parallel park your car. If you rush, you may drive over the curb or bump into another vehicle. There’s also a risk of paint scratches and dents caused by the carelessness of passersby. The simple act of opening the car door can also be hazardous if there are lots of vehicular or bicycle traffic on the road.


Purchase a monthly parking plan.

The best way to protect your car in the city is to sign up for a monthly parking plan at a garage near your home. Look for a safe, well-lit parking garage. A garage will also minimize your car’s exposure to road salt during the winter, which will protect it from rusting.


Consider upgrading to a smaller car.

Usually, a vehicular upgrade involves switching from a sedan to an SUV. But in the city, bigger doesn’t always mean better. If you currently drive a large vehicle, consider trading it in for a smaller ride. It will be a little easier to maneuver around crowded city streets, and when you park, there will be more space between your car and the vehicles near you.


Use public transportation occasionally.

New York City is bursting with public transportation options. Even if you enjoy driving your own car in the city, consider taking the subway or a bus if you’re headed to a destination without a safe parking garage nearby. You’ll save miles on your car too, and help it last longer.


You can protect your car and save money when you purchase a monthly parking plan through Champion Parking. Our parking lots and garages are conveniently located all over the area, and they are always well-lit to maximize your safety. To find a NYC parking garage near your apartment, call (212) 308-5959 or use our online location finder.

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