Spotlight on The Met Cloisters

Three iconic locations in New York City are home to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of which is The Met Cloisters. You’ll find it on Margaret Corbin Drive in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan. The Met Cloisters brings together more than 2,000 incredible works of art, architecture, and sculpture that embody medieval Europe.


Throughout the years, The Met Cloisters has benefitted from the philanthropy of some notable figures, including John D. Rockefeller, who donated the museum site in 1930. There are four cloisters in this clustering of buildings. The Cuxa, Saint-Guilhelm, Bonnefont, and Trie cloisters were originally built in Europe. After being purchased by an American sculptor, the cloisters were dismantled and moved to New York during the 1930s. John D. Rockefeller purchased the cloisters and donated them to The Met. Today, modern New Yorkers and visitors can view the cloisters and their fantastic artwork seven days per week. The general admission ticket will grant access to all three Met sites for three consecutive days.


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