• Keeping Your Car Safe During Overnight Parking

    There are plenty of questionable places in NYC where you can leave your car overnight, but a parking garage isn’t one of them. That being said, cars do get broken in to from time to time even if a covered, monitored, and patrolled parking garage. Keeping your car stashed in a parking garage overnight is a big step over street parking, but there are still a few things you can do to keep your car and your belongings inside it safe until you come back to your vehicle.

    Lock Your Doors monthly parking nyc

    It seems obvious, but the best thing you can do to safeguard your car and the belongings inside is to lock your doors after you park. Some people assume that parking in a garage means they can leave their car doors unlocked, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Roll Up Your Windows

    Another easy measure you can take to keep your car safe during overnight parking is to roll your windows up. You don’t have to worry about wind, rain, or snow getting inside your car while it’s parked in a garage, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your windows rolled down.

    Place Valuable Out of Sight

    Although your best bet is to take all valuables with you when you leave, this isn’t always possible. In cases where you have to leave valuables behind, keep them locked in the glovebox, inside the trunk, or place them out of sight on the floor or beneath the seats.

    When you park at a Champion Parking garage in NYC, the safety of your vehicle is the last thing you need to worry about. We apply the latest technology to keep our parking garages as safe as possible, including infrared scanners, 24-hour video surveillance, and DVR recorders. Download our app to find a parking garage near you or call us at (212) 308-5959 if you have questions.

  • Tips for Choosing a Parking Spot in New York City

    Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple as a tourist or you’ve recently moved here, one of the most frustrating and stressful aspects of spending time in New York City is finding parking. The roads in NYC are congested, and there are a lot of citywide parking laws and regulations that can make it difficult to find a place to park. There are plenty of parking spaces to go around, but knowing which one you can park at—and which one you should park at—is another story. To help, here are some quick tips for choosing a place to park in NYC .

    Check Parking Signs and Meter Instructions parking garages nyc

    If you decide to park your car on the street, carefully look for posted signs regarding permitted parking times. If you park at a meter, make sure you carefully read the instructions so you know things like maximum parking time and permitted times to park. Also make sure you look around for any private “no parking” signs prior to leaving your car.

    Look for Fire Hydrants

    Another tip if you choose street parking in NYC, make sure you aren’t parked close to a fire hydrant. In New York, parking within 15 feet of a hydrant can get you a $115 ticket. If it’s close and you aren’t sure how close you are to a nearby hydrant, it’s probably best (and can give you more peace of mind) to park somewhere else.

    Notice Your Surroundings

    If you’re new to the Big Apple, you might not know where to safe areas of the city are just yet. When street parking in NYC, look around and take note of any shady characters or signs of previous car break ins. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your car on a side street, look for a parking garage instead.

    Need a place to park in New York City? Champion Parking has you covered. With more than 50 parking locations in the Big Apple, we can give you a place to park for a couple hours, a couple days, or however long you require. If you have questions about parking in NYC, call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959.

  • An Essential Guide to NYC Parking

    Though most people who live in New York don’t have cars, there are still plenty of people who drive. In many ways, driving your own car is the best way to get around. If you drive, however, you need to become a master of parking in the city. This quick guide to NYC parking will help you find a spot every time.

    Parking on the Street monthly parking nyc

    Many of the streets of New York are lined with parked cars. Lots of people want to park on the street because it’s supposedly the most convenient. However, different parts of NYC have different rules about when you can park and how much it costs. Also, parking on the street is not necessarily the safest—for instance, your vehicle has a higher risk of incurring damage when it’s on the street.


    There are many places in New York that offer valet. Valet allows you to leave your vehicle with an attendant, who then parks your car for you. This is probably the most convenient method of parking—because you’re not actually doing the parking—but it comes with its share of drawbacks as well. For instance, you might not trust another person to drive your car. Also, most places in New York do not have valet, making it an inconsistently reliable parking method.

    Parking Garages

    When valet attendants take your car, they usually park it in a parking garage. Instead of paying someone else to do it, you can just do it yourself. There are parking garages all over the city, allowing you to always park close to your destination. Also, a good parking garage should be staffed at all hours, greatly reducing the risk of a break-in or theft.

    When it comes to parking in NYC, Champion Parking is the way to go. We have more than 50 parking garages around New York City , and we’d be honored to accommodate your vehicle. Call our office at (212) 308-5959 to speak with a Champion Parking representative.

  • How to Park Near the Empire State Building

    nyc parking The third-tallest building in New York City, the Empire State Building is one of the country’s most recognizable landmarks. This architectural marvel was completed in 1931, at which time it was the tallest building in the world. It held onto that title for nearly 40 years, until the completion of the World Trade Center. Still, the Empire State Building is a delight to visit, and offers one of the greatest views of the city. There’s only one potential problem for visitors: parking.

    Fortunately, there are many parking garages throughout the city that are convenient and safe. Champion Parking has more than 50 parking garage in New York City—including two locations within five blocks of the Empire State Building. If you want to get as close as possible, go for the parking garage on 33 rd St. and Park Ave. If you’d like to walk down 5 th Ave. for a few blocks, visit the garage on 29 th St. between 5 th and Madison.

    Champion Parking is honored to provide safe and convenient parking throughout NYC. Call our office at (212) 308-5959 to learn more about our parking services .

  • Plan Your Visit to the American Museum of Natural History

    If you’re planning a visit to the American Museum of Natural History, it doesn’t have to be a challenge to find public parking or street parking near the museum. There are a number of conveniently located parking garages and public parking lots near the museum that you can take advantage of. Here are some great tips that will make sure that your visit to the museum is fun and stress free.

    Reserve Parking Ahead of Time parking garages nyc

    Determining where to park in NYC can be one of the most challenging aspects of visiting museums and cultural attractions. Luckily, you can look at parking maps ahead of your visit to find street parking or public parking garages near the museum. You can even visit the website of a parking garage or public parking lot to reserve a parking spot and pre-pay for parking.

    Buy Your Tickets Online

    When you arrive at the museum for your visit, you can avoid waiting in a long line by purchasing your tickets online ahead of time. You can buy general admission tickets, special exhibition tickets, event and attraction tickets, or museum memberships directly from the museum’s website using your computer or mobile phone. This will allow you more time to enjoy the museum’s exhibits, events, and attractions.

    Determine Which Exhibits and Attractions You Can’t Miss

    Check out the museum’s website before your visit to get information about their current exhibits, events, and attractions. You can decide which ones you don’t want to miss, so that you can plan your day accordingly. You can even use their online events calendar to pick the best date for your visit.

    If you’re wondering where to park in New York City for your visit to the American Museum of Natural History or any other NYC attraction, check out our public parking services at Championship Parking. We operate a parking garage that’s only a three-minute walk from the museum. To reserve a parking spot in our parking garage, you can visit our website, use our mobile app, or call us today at (212) 308-5959.

  • Reasons to Reserve a Monthly Parking Space

    parking garages nyc Finding public parking in New York City can be a huge challenge, particularly when you’re short on time. Luckily, you can consult a parking map to find convenient street parking, parking garages, and parking lots to find the best parking spot for your needs. You can also reserve a monthly parking space in a safe, secure, and convenient parking garage in the city.

    With reserved monthly parking, you can keep your car in a parking garage near your home, office, gym, or subway stop for easy access. Whether you use your car every day, or only need it on special occasions, it will remain safe in a secure parking garage. You’ll no longer experience the stress and hassle of finding street parking, worrying about parking tickets, or coming back to your car to find that it’s been vandalized or broken into.

    To learn more about monthly parking in NYC , check out our list of convenient parking garage locations at Championship Parking’s website. We operate secure, clean parking garages around the city, and offer great rates on monthly parking and long-term parking. To reserve your monthly parking space, call us today at (212) 308-5959.

  • Where to Park in New York City

    When you visit New York City, it can be difficult to find parking at times, especially if you attempt to park near popular attractions. You can spend a lot of time looking for parking and not find any because of how much traffic there is in the city. You shouldn’t let this deter you from visiting anyway, because there are always places to park if you know where to look. Check out where to find NYC parking below.

    On-Street Parking best parking nyc

    While it can be almost impossible to find on-street parking near many of New York City’s popular sights, you can usually find parking in other parts of the city if you spend some time driving around. You want to be very careful when you park on the street, though, because there are many areas where parking is prohibited . Before you leave your car on the street, look around to make sure there aren’t any signs that specify that you can’t park where you have put your car.

    Parking Lots

    If you aren’t able to locate any parking on the street, there are outdoor parking lots located in New York City where you can park your car. When parking at an outdoor lot, you will typically be required to give your keys to an attendant who will park your car for you. You should always be careful about who you trust your vehicle with when you park, so make sure you park with a reputable company.

    Parking Garages

    When parking in NYC, your safest bet is usually a parking garage. You will be able to leave your car parked in a garage for as long as you want, and you will not have to worry about your car being exposed to the elements. You will be able to enjoy NYC when you use a garage, and most garages also offer monthly rates for those who want to park in them long-term.

    Champion Parking has excellent parking options located throughout New York City. Call us today at (212) 308-5959 to find out about our locations and rates.

  • Make the Most of Your Visit to Rockefeller Center

    If you have never been to New York City, then one of the places you’re going to want to visit when you arrive in the Big Apple is Rockefeller Center. You could spend several days in Rockefeller Center and never run out of fun things to do. Before you start planning your visit, though, you should make sure you can find NYC parking for your car while you’re there. Champion Parking serving NYC is a great option for you. Now that that’s settled, here are some of the sights you should check out in Rockefeller Center.

    Top of the Rock Observation Deck best parking nyc

    When you visit New York City, you won’t have time to visit each and every sight in the city, but you will be able to see everything in the city from high atop the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. There are lots of big buildings in NYC, but the Top of the Rock Observation Deck offers a truly unique viewpoint. You will be blown away by how beautiful NYC looks when you are looking at it from above.

    The Rink at Rockefeller Center

    Located near plenty of NYC parking, The Rink at Rockefeller Center has become a must-see attraction for many tourists. Whether you actually want to get out on the rink and show your stuff on a pair of skates or you just want to grab a cup of hot chocolate and check out the action from the side of the rink, you will love the sights and sounds of the area. There is so much activity around it.

    Rockefeller Center Tour

    If you attempt to tour Rockefeller Center on your own, you will likely get lost. Even though it only spans for a few blocks, there is so much going on that your head will spin when you visit. Take the official tour and discover the rich history of Rockefeller Center with a guide.

    Champion Parking can show you where to park in NYC and, specifically, where to park near Rockefeller Center. Call us at (212) 308-5959 to find out about NYC parking.