• Parking Made Easy with Advanced Reservations

    parking garage nyc It’s no secret that New York City is filled with people, buildings, and a lot of vehicles. If you are planning a visit to the Big Apple, then make your trip less stressful with reserved parking at one of the many parking garages in NYC.

    You may think that if there are so many parking garages, you don’t need to bother reserving a spot. However, less stress, easier parking, and better safety are just a few different reasons you should use advanced reservations. Finding parking without reservations—especially near popular sites like the Empire State Building—may prove fruitless. With advanced reservations, you will have an established spot for the specified amount of time, and you do not have to worry about where to go. You will have a detailed parking map of where your parking garage and spot will be. You can simply drive in, check in with an attendant, and be on your way to a great day in New York City.

    There is no point in ruining a vacation over parking woes in NYC. Champion Parking is the one to call for all of your New York City parking . We are available to take your call at (212) 308-5959.

  • The New Driver’s Guide to Forward Parking

    When learning how to drive and park, the key is to remain calm and go slow. Forward parking into an open spot is one of the first skills a new driver learns. Watch the video for a detailed tutorial on how to forward park into a parking spot.

    First, you will line your side mirror up with the parking line closest to you. Second, you will turn your steering wheel all the way to the left or right, depending on what side you are pulling into. Third, you will slowly let your foot off the gas and begin to move into the spot. Lastly, you will let the steering wheel turn back the other way, slowly, as you straighten out.

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  • Choosing a Safe Parking Spot

    Car theft and vandalism can strike anyone at any time, but you can reduce the chances that your car will be target by choosing a safe parking spot. This is especially important when parking your car at night or parking in an area that is prone to theft and vandalism. Watch this video for some quick tips on finding a parking spot you can feel safe leaving your car.

    Champion Parking takes the guesswork and worry out of finding a place to park in NYC. We have more than 50 parking locations close to the attractions you want to see, the commercial areas where you work, and the residential areas where you live. Download our free parking app and reserve your parking space in NYC today. You can also call us at (212) 308-5959 if you have any questions about our parking facilities, rates, or reservations.

  • Tips for Choosing a Parking Spot in New York City

    Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple as a tourist or you’ve recently moved here, one of the most frustrating and stressful aspects of spending time in New York City is finding parking. The roads in NYC are congested, and there are a lot of citywide parking laws and regulations that can make it difficult to find a place to park. There are plenty of parking spaces to go around, but knowing which one you can park at—and which one you should park at—is another story. To help, here are some quick tips for choosing a place to park in NYC .

    Check Parking Signs and Meter Instructions parking garages nyc

    If you decide to park your car on the street, carefully look for posted signs regarding permitted parking times. If you park at a meter, make sure you carefully read the instructions so you know things like maximum parking time and permitted times to park. Also make sure you look around for any private “no parking” signs prior to leaving your car.

    Look for Fire Hydrants

    Another tip if you choose street parking in NYC, make sure you aren’t parked close to a fire hydrant. In New York, parking within 15 feet of a hydrant can get you a $115 ticket. If it’s close and you aren’t sure how close you are to a nearby hydrant, it’s probably best (and can give you more peace of mind) to park somewhere else.

    Notice Your Surroundings

    If you’re new to the Big Apple, you might not know where to safe areas of the city are just yet. When street parking in NYC, look around and take note of any shady characters or signs of previous car break ins. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your car on a side street, look for a parking garage instead.

    Need a place to park in New York City? Champion Parking has you covered. With more than 50 parking locations in the Big Apple, we can give you a place to park for a couple hours, a couple days, or however long you require. If you have questions about parking in NYC, call Champion Parking at (212) 308-5959.

  • Simple Reverse Parking Tips

    Many people do not reverse park into parking spots because they aren’t confident in their ability to back up safely. By watching this video, you will learn a simple way to back your vehicle into a parking spot.

    Once you’ve spotted the open spot, drive past it, keeping your car about three feet away from the rear of the surrounding vehicles. Drive a little past the second parked vehicle from your spot, put your vehicle in reverse, and crank the steering wheel in the direction you wish to park. Lightly release the brake, and always check your mirrors before backing in. Slowly back into your spot until you form a straight line. If you need to, move your car forward and back again to straighten out.

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  • Tips for Preparing Your Car for Long-Term Parking

    There are certain situations in which you may not need to drive your vehicle for extended periods of time. Maybe you need to temporarily move for work, or a physical injury renders you unable to drive. If you find yourself in this situation, look into NYC parking garages that offer long-term parking. Next, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle for long-term parking .

    Schedule a Tune-Up champion parking nyc

    If you’re storing your vehicle for longer than a few weeks, you need to prepare the car’s engine. You should have your oil and oil filter changed. Be sure to top off your antifreeze/coolant solution—especially if you are storing it for the winter—as well as the other engine fluids. Pour in a fuel stabilizer solution before filling the gas tank; this will keep the fuel from separating so the car will be drivable when you take it out of storage. It’s also a good idea to inflate the tires to the recommended pressure.

    Cover It Up

    Keep your vehicle in a parking garage for sufficient coverage and protection against the weather and outside elements. It’s also important to cover it with an individual car cover. This will offer further protection against dust, dirt, and would-be thieves peeking through the windows.

    Find a Safe Space

    Before storing your vehicle in long-term parking, research the garage you will be using. Make sure it offers sufficient space and protection: employees performing regular checks, as well as video surveillance throughout the area. Look for recent crime or theft reports in the area. Be open about any concerns you have, and give the parking garage your contact information—including a backup number in case you will be unreachable.

    For discount parking, as well as long-term parking in NYC, you need to call Champion Parking . We offer convenient customer service online, as well as over the phone at (212) 308-5959. Call us to find out our rates and reserve your parking space.

  • The Ins and Outs of Back-In Parking

    monthly parking nyc There is a sharp divide among drivers when it comes to parking: do you drive frontward into the spot or back into it? There is no right or wrong answer; it is up to the driver and his driving ability. In NYC parking garages, you may see a lot of cars backed into their spots. Here is a brief background on why some people prefer back-in parking.

    Many drivers, especially those who park in busy parking lots or parking garages, may prefer back-in parking for added safety. They can pass by an open space to check for potential obstacles, line up their vehicle, and back in. When they are ready to leave the parking space, they have an unobstructed view of the parking lot around them, and can pull out with less danger to passing pedestrians and cars. In a cramped and dim parking garage, this is a very safe driving practice.

    Champion Parking has over 50 lots on our parking map for maximum convenience. Call us at (212) 308-5959 when you want to know where to park in NYC.

  • Reasons to Park in a Parking Garage

    Manhattan—an island of just 23 square miles—is home to more than 1.6 million people. Considering these numbers, you better bet there’s going to be some difficulty parking. Fortunately, there are many parking garages to be found all around NYC—including more than 50 operated by Champion Parking. Here are just a few reasons why parking in a parking garage is better than trying to stow your vehicle on the street.

    Maximum Convenience monthly parking nyc

    While it would be great if street parking in NYC were readily available at all hours of the day, this simply isn’t the case. Instead of struggling to parallel park into a miniscule space that’s far away from your destination, you could pull into a nearby parking garage, where you’ll find dozens of easy-to-access spots. Whether you’re sight-seeing, driving to work, or running errands, parking should be the easy part.

    Increased Personal Safety

    Though New York City’s crime rate is the lowest it’s been in years , you can never be too careful. Parking on a dimly lit street can expose you to a risk of personal harm. Generally speaking, it’s better to park in a parking garage with top-rate security and round-the-clock staff. That way, you won’t have to worry about parking no matter what time of day or night.

    Reduced Risk of Personal Damage

    Admittedly, there’s a very low risk of incurring personal injury in New York City – but there’s a much higher risk of damage to personal property. Again, if you park on a dimly lit street and leave valuables in your car, your vehicle may get broken into. When you park at a fully staffed and surveilled parking garage, however, there’s a much lower chance of anything bad happening.

    Parking in New York City doesn’t have to be a hassle—especially if you park with Champion Parking . For the sake of your own safety and convenience, we recommend parking in one of our 50 parking garages around NYC. Don’t hesitate to call our office at (212) 308-5959 in you have any questions about parking.

  • An Essential Guide to NYC Parking

    Though most people who live in New York don’t have cars, there are still plenty of people who drive. In many ways, driving your own car is the best way to get around. If you drive, however, you need to become a master of parking in the city. This quick guide to NYC parking will help you find a spot every time.

    Parking on the Street monthly parking nyc

    Many of the streets of New York are lined with parked cars. Lots of people want to park on the street because it’s supposedly the most convenient. However, different parts of NYC have different rules about when you can park and how much it costs. Also, parking on the street is not necessarily the safest—for instance, your vehicle has a higher risk of incurring damage when it’s on the street.


    There are many places in New York that offer valet. Valet allows you to leave your vehicle with an attendant, who then parks your car for you. This is probably the most convenient method of parking—because you’re not actually doing the parking—but it comes with its share of drawbacks as well. For instance, you might not trust another person to drive your car. Also, most places in New York do not have valet, making it an inconsistently reliable parking method.

    Parking Garages

    When valet attendants take your car, they usually park it in a parking garage. Instead of paying someone else to do it, you can just do it yourself. There are parking garages all over the city, allowing you to always park close to your destination. Also, a good parking garage should be staffed at all hours, greatly reducing the risk of a break-in or theft.

    When it comes to parking in NYC, Champion Parking is the way to go. We have more than 50 parking garages around New York City , and we’d be honored to accommodate your vehicle. Call our office at (212) 308-5959 to speak with a Champion Parking representative.

  • Parking Safety 101

    When you’re gearing up for a day of shopping or a night on the town, you may not think much about parking. However, being more thoughtful about parking can help protect yourself and your vehicle. This video has more information.

    Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to park in a well-lit area within eyesight of the entrance to the building you’re about to enter. Never leave anything valuable in your car—including phones, laptops, sunglasses, or even dry-cleaning. If you ever feel intimidated, make a lot of noise—if you’re wrong, the worst you’ll suffer is a bit of embarrassment.

    If you’re parking in the city, the best you can do is to park in a safe NYC parking garage with round-the-clock security. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Champion Parking. Call us at (212) 308-5959 if you have any questions.