• Choosing a Safe Parking Spot

    Car theft and vandalism can strike anyone at any time, but you can reduce the chances that your car will be target by choosing a safe parking spot. This is especially important when parking your car at night or parking in an area that is prone to theft and vandalism. Watch this video for some quick tips on finding a parking spot you can feel safe leaving your car.

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  • Simple Reverse Parking Tips

    Many people do not reverse park into parking spots because they aren’t confident in their ability to back up safely. By watching this video, you will learn a simple way to back your vehicle into a parking spot.

    Once you’ve spotted the open spot, drive past it, keeping your car about three feet away from the rear of the surrounding vehicles. Drive a little past the second parked vehicle from your spot, put your vehicle in reverse, and crank the steering wheel in the direction you wish to park. Lightly release the brake, and always check your mirrors before backing in. Slowly back into your spot until you form a straight line. If you need to, move your car forward and back again to straighten out.

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  • Tips for Forward Perpendicular Parking

    When you are looking for a place to park your car in New York City, you should think about using parking garages to do it. NYC parking garages will protect your vehicle from the elements and, as long as you park it in a designated parking spot, you shouldn’t sustain any damage to your vehicle in a garage.

    Watch this video to see how to pull into a parking space; by mastering forward perpendicular parking prior to using an NYC parking garage, you can ensure that you will park your car between the lines when you decide to pull your car into a garage.

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  • How to Back into a Parking Spot

    Backing your car into a parking spot might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy as long as you go slow and constantly check your mirrors to avoid backing into pedestrians, parked cars, and other obstacles or hazards. Watch this video to learn a few practical tips that will help you the next time you need to back into a parking spot in NYC.

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