• Protecting Your Car from Winter Weather

    Spring is just around the corner, but New York City drivers aren’t out of the woods yet when it comes to harsh winter weather. In addition to the obvious hazards and dangers of driving in severe winter weather, winter conditions can also cause damage to your vehicle. From hail damage to corrosion caused by snowmelt and road ice, there are numerous hazards posed by winter weather conditions. The good news is there are steps you can take to protect your car from winter damage, even something as simple as parking inside a garage in NYC .

    Get Regular Car Washes best parking nyc

    Snowmelt and road salt can wreak havoc on vehicle bodies, leading to extensive rust and corrosion. To keep your car in one piece, make sure to get regular car washes during the wintertime. Experts recommend washing your car at least once per week to get rid of road debris and materials that can lead to body corrosion.

    Keep Your Ride Waxed

    Another way to prevent auto body corrosion during the wintertime is to keep your vehicle waxed. Car wax acts like a protective outer layer, or a force field even, that can keep excess moisture and road salt off your vehicle’s body. During the winter months, have your car waxed each time you visit the car wash. The small investment is worth it, especially when you compare the cost of waxing to the cost of major auto body repair.

    Find Covered Parking

    The best way to protect your vehicle from winter weather is to park in a garage or beneath another covered parking structure. Not only will a covered parking garage protect your car from hail damage , but it will also save you the hassle of having to clear snow off your vehicle in the morning on your way to work or out of town.

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